Thursday, February 28, 2008

Left Lane Cruiser

Left Lane Cruiser is a blues rock guitar/drum duo straight from Fort Wayne, Indiana with an unrelenting appetite for slide guitar and foot-stomping percussion. They make ferocious, whiskey-fueled music that is just right for driving a pickup truck 70mph down a narrow dirt road, with the cops in high pursuit. Their label debut for Alive Records was released last month, and it flaunts 12 cuts of high energy garage blues that falls somewhere between ZZ Top and the Black Keys. Hold on to your hat...
Alive has an eye for good blues, last year I developed quite an affection for the Radio Moscow album they released, and they have ties to the Black Keys, Soledad Brothers and many more. You can check out their press page for Left Lane Cruier at the link, and catch 'em in Austin on March 15th at the Hole in the Wall.


Amy said...

This is my new theme tune! I'm gonna dance naked in the kitchen to it!