Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Lust Lust Lust

The Danish duo with a healthy affection for the ecletic sound of the 50s and 60s will release their new album in a couple of weeks. After spending some time listening through it a few times over, I feel pretty confident saying that it is their best work so far. Lust Lust Lust was self-recorded, self-produced, and features a much dirtier, fuzzed-out sound than their previous efforts. The distortion is hazier and the melodies are darker, and their pop/rock/shoegaze influences all merge together in a refined blurryness that is reflected by the album's 3D packaging.

Though it was released overseas late last year, the February 19th US release of Lust Lust Lust includes two additional tracks not found on the initial pressing. It is difficult to choose a single favorite track, so I'll just go with the noisy, somewhat funky, somewhat menacing album opener...
To hear more, head to the band's myspace page where the album is streaming in its entirety. Last but not least, you can catch The Raveonettes in Austin next month while they are here for SXSW.


stinky love said...

Cant wait to see them at Live, I have all their tour dates up on my blog

Adi said...

love this band!! although not sure if this is my favorite one...yet.
can't wait to see them again at SXSW!