Monday, February 04, 2008


Sometimes, to be able to get into a band, you have to find yourself in a particular setting or be in a state of mind that is condusive to enjoying said band. This happened to me last night when I was out partying with a few good friends, losing money on the outcome of the Super Bowl, and checking out a live performance by Dead Confederate.

We were all hanging out polishing off a few drinks and casually listening to whatever house music the sound guy was playing. At one point during the night I leaned over to my buddy and mentioned that I really liked the last couple of songs that had just played and asked if he knew what band it was. He thought it was MGMT, who we had both sort of agreed that we weren't huge fans of, so it was kind of a funny moment when we walked over to the sound guy and found out it was indeed MGMT that we were enjoying.

I figured that once I had a minute today I would give their album another spin to see if I really liked any of it, or merely confirm that I was just really wasted last night. Well, I just completed my little experiment, and while I might have in fact been completely hammered last night, I have also come to appreciate some of the material that is on Oracular Spectacular. I still feel that the album could be stronger as a whole, but much of it is top-notch and worthy of all of the buzz that this band has been generating. "Time to Pretend", "The Youth", "Electric Feel", "Kids", these are all songs that grabbed my attention and had me walking across the bar to figure out what band had written them.

So here's a shout out to MGMT, Tito's Vodka, and some random sound guy with good taste in music.
This is a screen capture of someone playing the interactive music video game for MGMT's new song "Electric Feel". There are 625 to the 229th power different ways the video can turn out. Create your own at the link.