Thursday, February 14, 2008

SXSW Wristbands?

Apparently to get a SXSW Wristband this year you have to win some kind of lottery. The only advance wristband sale will be via an online drawing that contestants will sign up for, starting at 9am on Feb. 21st and ending on 9am on Feb 25th.
Here are a few details of the process:
  • 4000 wristbands will be put on sale to area residents only for $139
  • Entries will be drawn at random.
  • Submitting an order does not guarantee eligibility to purchase wristbands.
  • All entries must use a credit card with a local billing address.
  • The wristband will be fastened on an individual's wrist at time of pick up and may not be removed until the festival is over.
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Read all of the specifics at


JR Heat Warp said...

Fastened to the buyer's wrist at pickup!?!? That's certainly ONE way to deter scalping...