Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Underground Railroad To Candyland

The Underground Railroad To Candyland is four gents from the shores of California. In 2006 they were in The Onion's list of Worst Long Band Names, and in 2007 released an album called Bird Roughs that I have had in rotation. From what I gathered this band would be considered a power group in their native San Pedro, having formed from the hiatus of the much adored Toys That Kill.

Bird Roughs was released on Recess Records late last year, and it has some high-quality pop punk tracks that have been getting quite a few spins around here. It wouldn't hurt if these guys took themselves a bit more seriously, but even with their occasional goofiness some of these songs really jump out and grab you. I would recommend that you give them a listen...
You can download the album on mp3 at Amazon, get a physical copy via Recess, and get friendly with URTC at myspace.


Anonymous said...

people who take themselves seriously are overrated.