Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Weird Weeds

The Weird Weeds. I've seen the name countless times on the internet and in the AC. How can you not notice the name? Now that I'm listening for the first time, the name is absolutely perfect for this band. Their songs are like these short, but quickly budding compositions that don't seem to get out of your head. I could go on and on drawing comparisons between weeds and this band, but I'm sure you can do the same once you hear their new album.

"I Miss This" is The Weird Weed's third album, and was recorded over the span of 7 months in their house. The first thing that hits you on this album is the succinct sounds. I immediately wondered what studio they did this in, only to find out that the drums were tracked at the now defunct studio Singular Audio by Alex Keller. Everything else was recorded entirely in their home in Austin, and a bit in NYC. I can imagine over that type of time table that some days could be excruciating. Is it just me that gets excited by the process?

"Save the Dogs" is probably the most immediately accessible song on the album, and I wish they would have expanded more on that track. Although, I think that means they did their job right if that's what I come away with. Using a fast 3/4 count, the guitar screams through with cries of welcoming. There's really a strong sense of Malkmus in their guitar work.

Songs like "Lies" and "Atlas" go from one extreme to another, giving the listener a sense of traveling. The Weird Weeds need to be scoring movies, because this album definitely lends itself to a visual landscape.

Check out their CD release show tonight at The Cactus Cafe, and pick up a copy while you're there. Joining them will be ((((((Sunset ))))), who have an incredible live show if you haven't seen it. In addition, The Weird Weeds will be playing a show with Jandek during SXSW.


26 Feb 08: Austin, TX, Cactus Café w/ {{{Sunset}}} and The Black
14 Mar 08: Austin TX, SXSW, 2nd annual Asthmatic Kitty party @ Okay Mountain
15 Mar 08: Austin, TX, SXSW, Signal to Noise showcase @ Central Presbyterian Church w/ Jandek, Christina Carter, Space City Gamelan, and Nameless Sound Youth Ensemble
11 Apr 08: Austin, TX, Salvage Vanguard
7 May 08: Austin, TX, Salvage Vanguard w/ The Dead Science

Buy their previous albums, EP, split 7", and other stuff at weirdweeds.com.


David said...

Hello.I am a Portuguese guy at this blog at 3.45 am, local time.
I´m fucking crazy about this sound.
Great sound, keep on doing some goooood stuff!

Ps-I´m drunk to.