Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Above The Radar

After a few months spent plotting a killer day party with my good friends from Sonic Itch Music and Cubik Musik, we're excited to invite you to Above The Radar. It's taking place on March 13th at Trophy's on South Congress, with two stages and 12 different acts from all over the map. Whether you have a taste for guitar-swinging rock & roll or something a bit more dance friendly, you'll find it here.

We have a few people to thank in assisting with the production of this party. Do512 and the Blog Fresh Radio show are both providing generous support and promotion, which we couldn't do without. DJ DOJO and Nomad Sound are both coming through to provide some much needed equipment, and the Switchburn video team will be there to capture the action on film. Even the venerable Seattle music blog Sound On The Sound is on board to help make this a smashing good time. Doors are at noon and the music goes until 7pm. We hope to see you there!

Below is detailed information on all of the artists playing Above The Radar, with an mp3 and review from each of them. You can use the widget at the top of this post to see video and more.


“Montreal’s indie guitar bands got plenty of coverage last year, but in 2008 they might be usurped by Ninja Tunes-signed hip-hop producer Poirier. The French-Canuck connoisseur of grime, booty bass, ragga and “world riddum idioms” makes music that is accessible, innovative and above all danceable.” - (The Independent)

1/2Alive is made up of DJs Tyler Fedchuk, My!Gay!Husband! and Tony X. They regularly host a "hands up singalong dance party" on Friday nights in their homeland of Vancouver, supplying sweat-filled hospitality for some of the hippest touring acts around. Check out some photos of their events at the link.
"As Table Manners Crew recently won a national Scion-sponsored 2x4 DJ contest (2x4 meaning two DJs on four turntables) they're likely to be jet-setting around the country showing off their skills very soon. Catch them on the homefront while you still can." - (Austin360)
"My goodness, I've never come across a band that I so quickly fell in love with like I have The Death Set. This quick little ten-minute EP simply titled To has more substance and bizarre, attractive instrumentation and songwriting than a lot of full length albums that run over an hour. The Death Set combine punk riffs with spazzy, experimental indie math rock and sharp, biting lyrics that are mostly yelled to give you the most energetic, raucous and untamed ten minutes of your life." - (Rocknworld)
"Recorded live at Matchbook Studios and released through the 8088 Record Collective, a nonexclusive digital-distribution network, Transmography's third album, Polydactyly, captures the duo's performances through eight inventive instrumentals that run the gamut from sweaty electro-punk workouts to drum 'n' bass suites akin to a Big Business/Don Caballero hybrid. They aim to push boundaries even further when they head back into the studio." - (Austin Chronicle)

"Newcomers to the Austin scene, but already making a name for themselves are the young ladies of Lady Pterodactyl. The beat mavens compose infectious, heavy soundscapes that grow on you with every listen." - (Party Ends)

"Though the band is pinned as producing the same kind of indie rock aesthetic à la My Morning Jacket and Band of Horses, Dead Confederate dabbles in darker shades than their compared predecessors. From the raspy, unrestrained shrieks of "The Rat" and the psychedelic guitar wail on the vivid "Tortured Artist Saint" to the intimate acoustic layers of "Memorial Day Night," Dead Conferdate echo the Drive-By Truckers' bittersweet southern rock angst with the smoke-heavy swagger of the Black Angels." - (SPIN.com)
"The Shackeltons provide a stout combination of clean, straight-lined production and cacophonous bursts of sound on their self-titled debut. Their blasts of angst, which are equal parts danceable bliss and seering noise, are held together by the jittery, literate lyrical musings of frontman Mark Redding." - (Rolling Stone)
"Montreal's Land of Talk spits out a kind of churning, bright, deliberately melodic rock that embodies the enduring spirit of youth -- that period in our lives marked by overwhelming optimism and uncorrupted naivety." - (Prefix Magazine)
"It’s the brooding, dissonant guitars and ominous rhythms bringing visions of storm clouds and waves across the ocean that make this an under the radar gem." - (Harp Magazine)
"A message scrawled on the disc's back cover exhorts listeners to "play this record loud." And it isn't an idle request. This Seattle-based quartet's garage-style punk rock erupts with fury and frenzy." - (eMusic)"If you've seen Ume live, you've probably been temporarily transfixed by singer/guitarist Lauren Larson's physical presence. A low purr turns into a gruff growl, and once she really gets going, pummeling her guitar and letting the unnnnhhh into her voice, her body and head seem to unhinge, and her blond hair whirls in dizzying circles." - (Austin Chronicle)


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