Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Austin City Limits Festival 2008 - Lineup Announced

The seventh Austin City Limits Music Festival announced its lineup today. In place of some of the heavy hitters making the festival rounds in 2008 (Prince or Radiohead would've been swell), there is a lot of strength coming to ACL Fest from many solid mid-level/indie bands that will definitely make for a well-rounded experience.

You've got the show-stoppers (Hot Chip, Beck), alongside a wealth of serious rock (Raconteurs, Foo Fighters, Black Keys), quality hip hop (Gnarls, Del, N.E.R.D), some big name veterans (John Fogerty, Robert Plant, David Byrne), ample buzz names (Yeasayer, MGMT, Vampire Weekend), and of course some well chosen Austinites (White Denim, Octopus Project, Black Joe Lewis). For selfish reasons I wish there were a couple of added electro/dance names along the lines of Daft Punk, Justice or Girl Talk, but you can't win them all.

ACL has capped festival attendance at 200,000 and pushed it later into September than last year (26-28), which should highten the good vibes and keep a few extra people from passing out in the Texas heat. Three-day passes are on sale at the the link for $170, up $25 from last year, including service charges and a print-at-home option. A limited number of single-day tickets will be available soon.
Here is a look at some of the notables who will perform:


Ana said...

It's like Christmas in April...

Cristal said...

it would be totally AWESOME if Daft Punk played. i wouldn't even think about it, i'd just go! i'd rob a bank to get tickets if daft punk would play! but i won't becausei'm against robbing banks... lol. i wanna go anyways.