Sunday, April 27, 2008

A bit of Psych..

Here's some Icelandic neo-psychedelia for you. Singapore Sling have been writing and recording for most of this decade, following in the footsteps of bands like My Bloody Valentine and The Jesus and Mary Chain. They would surely fit right in on a bill that included fellow neo-psychedelia brethren The Black Angels or Brian Jonestown Massacre. The name Singapore Sling apparently originates from a perverse Greek film noir, and not from the fruity cocktail.

I put the itunes on shuffle earlier and some of their tracks popped up, so I'm paying it forward to any of you out there who have never heard of 'em. They've released three or four albums since 2002, so if you're into it head over to the link to find out more. The tracks below come from their debut album:

The Young Sinclairs are a new band out of Roanoke, Virginia who sound like they just got dropped off of the bus from 1960. They play free flowing, easy going psychedelic pop that would make a nice compliment to any soundtrack for the approaching summer. Their music is definitely recommended for anyone with an affection for that late 60's, Summer of Love psychedelic folk/pop sound. They have a few tracks for download on their myspace page, where you can also pick up an album. Try it on:
I don't know how best to fit in a random Bee Gees song, so it's going right here. I had no idea that the Brothers Gibb were making music long before they were the champions of disco in the late 70's, but I was listening to the Underground Garage one day and this song came on that I thought was really cool, I think it was part of a late 60's garage-pop episode or something, so I searched around for the playlist and sure enough, it was a song by the Bee Gees. I was like...huh? This is the Bee Gees? The should-be-dancing-night-fever-stayin'-alive Bee Gees? I did a few minutes of research and found out that they were recording together all the way back in the mid-60's, even releasing their own psychedelic rock album in 1967 called Bee Gees' 1st. Most of it isn't really worth mentioning, but "In My Own Time" is the jam.