Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Gods Of The Earth

The Sword will make you put those neck muscles to work, these dudes can seriously bring down the fury. Their new album Gods Of The Earth is released for public consumption today, and it kicks a whole lot of ass. The good folks at Sneak Attack hooked me up with a couple of passes for their only performance of SXSW but I ended up having to give them to a friend, and now that I'm sitting here rocking out to the new album I am really kicking myself for missing that show. I just finished listening to it all the way through with a couple of coworkers, and it really gets the blood pumping.
This might be one of the only metal albums I pick up all year, and if so I won't feel the least bit deprived because these guys do it right. Gods Of The Earth was recorded at Folkvang Studios right here in Austin, and it is even more ambitious than their debut album that I told you about previously.
from Kemado: "The band's first album was released in February of 2006. Age of Winters is a mind-blowing, nine-song journey inside the mysterious, yet concrete world THE SWORD call their own. Recorded at Austin’s Folkvang Studios, the album was engineered by bassist Richie and produced by frontman J.D. Cronise, ensuring the complete capture of the hard-earned sound the band has worked so tirelessly to achieve. Gods of the Earth instantly conveys what words can only try to describe: THE SWORD is not to be taken lightly. From the moment the album’s lead track “The Sundering” explodes, it is immediately apparent that THE SWORD has upped the ante on a sound all its own. More ambitious, more accomplished and simply bigger, Gods of the Earth’s huge, mountaintop-friendly hooks, thunderous drumming and oceanic bass lines cut through the air like a scythe, while the ominous vocals of frontman J.D. Cronise weave fantastical tales rife with myth and mythology.
You can check out the e-card for Gods Of The Earth at the link, watch the video for "Fire Lances of the Ancient Hyperzephyrians" right here, and get more at myspace.