Thursday, April 17, 2008

Loco Dice, 7 Dunham Place

As far as genres go, I'm jumping all over the place this week, as usual. In large part I tend to be more interested in taking on all comers, rather than sticking to any particular agenda. In that vein, here is some stuff I recently stumbled upon by a fellow called Loco Dice, who is an electronic musician who operates out of Düsseldorf, though his debut album is an homage to New York. Doing a quick search I find that his real name is Dice Corleone (friggin awesome), and that he started his career as a hip hop DJ and rapper, playing support slots for performers like Ice Cube, Snoop Dog, and Jamiroquai, among others.
"Loco Dice became a very well known figure in his native German hip hop scene and as the scene exploded (becoming Germany's biggest musical genre, as it did right across the world) he did what any self respecting underground artist would: He switched to house music. But not any old house music: very sexy and very crowd pleasing House Music. Tribal, sweetly funky, bassline driven, dance floor friendly skills..." -RA
7 Dunham Place is his debut album, described thusly:
"These are undeniably great dance records, but they're more than that, too. Take Consequently Excentric And Delicate - it's a straight up, dirty, DC10 record, yet riddled with melancholy. Tight Laces evokes old school style with its hip hop referencing title and funky, chopped vocals. La Esquina has the driving rhythms of classic piano house but the stark percussion of minimal techno. Pimp Jackson Is Talkin Now (Dice's pick as this summer's club monster) serves up dirty jazz/funk on a platter of smooth electronic beats."
Try it on: