Wednesday, April 02, 2008

RJD2 back in Austin

The first time I saw RJD2 perform was at SXSW two years ago, and I remember being impressed as I saw him switch between multiple intruments during the set in order to pull off the sounds he created on 2007's The Third Hand. It is an album he recorded, performed, arranged, and produced entirely himself in his basement studio, commanding his trusty sampler/sequencer alongside a pantheon of analog synths, electric pianos and guitars, not to mention his own voice. RJD2 was catapulted to uber-serious hip-hop credibility with 2002’s Dead Ringer LP, following that debut album with 2004’s critically acclaimed Since We Last Spoke.
When he makes another stop in Austin this Friday, he'll be at Emo's alongside the New Jersey progressive-minded altenative hip-hop duo Dälek, who were described by Stylus Magazine as one of underground hip-hop’s most consistent and challenging acts, calling their 2007 album Abandoned Language a masterstroke that should right their status as being one of the most overlooked acts in hip-hop today. I've been listening through some of their work today, and while it is definitely challenging upon first listen, (industrial rap?, or noise-hop?), there's also something unique and intriguing about what these guys do. Their vocal style is old-school but they wrap it in these futuristic, abstract noises that create a hip-hop sound unlike any other you'll hear.
Ticket link is here, event listing is here, and the interactive widget is below..


Neil Cake said...

Thanks for this. That first RJD2 track is a personal favourite, and I'm digging the Dalek stuff. That's exactly the kind of hip-hop I like.

Mr. Curiosity said...

Right on man. I had heard of Dalek before and even have a vinyl of theirs laying around here somewhere, but didn't really get into it until this week. I'm glad I did.