Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Royal Bangs

After getting more recommendations then I can shake a stick at, I dug through the stack of CDs on my desk to try on this new album from a band out of Knoxville called Royal Bangs. They are a 5-piece signed to the Audio Eagle label that was started up by Patrick Carney of the Black Keys, and their debut album We Breed Champions has been spreading across the blogs in rapid fashion. If you want to call it indie rock, make sure to emphasize the word ROCK. There are guitars dueling all over this album, evenly dispersed out between layers of glitchy keyboards, noisy percussion, and undeniably catchy songwriting. Topping it off, vocalist Ryan Schaefer has the pipes to carry every tune with a passion that never seems to fade. More than anything, We Breed Champions is an action-packed good time.

Have a listen to "Brother", and click here to see what other people are saying.


Anonymous said...

there are 5 people in r bangs

Mr. Curiosity said...