Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Cloudland Canyon

Here's some high quality stuff from Cloudland Canyon, which is one part Memphis-stoner-rock and one part German-multi-instrumentalism. Droning keyboard, wah-ed out guitar, fuzzy atmosphere, trance-like loops, swirling lo-fi vocals, and general trippyness. Reviewed at XLR8R, Pop Matters, Almost Cool, among others. Light some fire, pass it around, push play.

Says Aquarius Records: "Rich clouds of metallic shimmer surround looped guitars, creepy chanted vocals are submerged in demented spacey FX, dense deconstructed pop songs emerge from the chaos, rife with swirling vocals, and layer after layer of drone and processed harmonies, fuzzy shopping mall synth warbles beneath straining lo-fi vocals, the whole thing run through some intense stereo panning. Suddenly the band burst into some stomping propulsive psych rock jangle before the whole thing splinters into a gorgeous expanse of tranquil ambience, beneath delicately finger picked guitars, everything always within a cloud of mysterious sonic events."