Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Love To Make Music To

Woah...this album has really taken me by surprise. Love To Make Music To has got to be the most impressive electronic release that I have heard all year. It's all over the place, and in a good way. There's great touches of hip-hop, sexy beats for the dance floor, intense moments of multi-layered ambience, and a whole bag of tricks that make this Daedelus’ best and most playfully accessible album yet. I have listened to it three times already, and that's just today. Try on a couple of tracks...
This is his first record worked solely in collaboration with Ninja Tune, who will release Love To Make Music To on July 15 (June 9 in the UK), and album guests include the Grammy-Award winning rapper Paperboy. Pitchfork has a few more details here, and Ninja Tune has your pre-order ready to go at the link. Unfamiliar with this young producer out of L.A. known as Daedelus? Find out more at myspace, the official site, allmusic, wiki, and L.A. Record.


Anonymous said...

this is HOT!!