Friday, May 23, 2008

Hot Chip, Live in Amsterdam

My dog seems to be a pretty big fan of electro. Anytime I play stuff like this she'll come lay right in front of me under the desk. I think she likes to feel the beat from the speakers right above her, or at least chill out to the constant rhythym. If I'm listening to punk, indie, reggae, or anything else, she usually just hangs out in the other room.

I think we both enjoyed this live set from Hot Chip, which was recorded only a couple of months ago. From what I can tell by looking at that picture above people were enjoying themselves at the show. Hot Chip will make a return trip to Austin in September for the festival, so get your tickets already.
For something a bit slower, here's one from their limited edition 50 copies-only second EP, which was self-released, and saw them in disco folk mode.


Roy said...

They are playing at the Paladium Ballroom in Dallas the week before ACL. Ticket are about to go on sale here in the next few days. I can see them being an ACL after party.