Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Inbox Nuggets

Very quickly, here's a couple of nuggets from the inbox that I meant to put up before I zoned out for the weekend.

More than ten years after the original nucleus split, the Pharcyde are finally set to perform together on this summer’s Rock the Bells tour. Fader was happy to spread the good news. Here's a couple of Pharcyde numbers to jog your memory in case you might have forgotten. Circa 1995.
And these two come from a fellow called Immuzikation who has been mashing up a storm lately. The first one blends Weezer, Madonna, Timbaland & more, and number two pairs up Daft Punk with a little MGMT. Not too shabby. You can get more info about this guy at the link.


Anonymous said...

tracks were actually pharcyde tracks & JUST produced by dilla

Mr. Curiosity said...

Noted, thanks. I didn't label the tracks, they did.