Monday, May 19, 2008

New from Ratatat

Ratatat is back with a new logo (sweet), two new tracks from a 7'' single, and a new album simply titled LP3 that will drop on July 8th. From the vibes of the two tracks on this single it sounds like it might be a "summer album," but with only the opening-credits-like "Shiller" it is too early to tell. I absolutely cannot wait for these guys to start touring again, their live shows are always a helluva good time. Get your own copy of the "Shiller" single for $3 right here.
LP3 Track List:
  1. Shiller
  2. Falcon Jab
  3. Mi Viejo
  4. Mirando
  5. Flynn
  6. Bird Priest
  7. Shempi
  8. Imperials
  9. Dura
  10. Bruleé
  11. Mumtaz Khan
  12. Gipsy Threat
  13. Black Heroes


Anonymous said...

Mirando and Mahalo ? where are you finding this out and how soon can i get all the songs?

Mr. Curiosity said...

It's what I do.