Monday, June 16, 2008

Austin Music Blogs, Local Links

I have steadily been adding good local links into my sidebar, so I figured I would let you all know about them. Austin is the top blogging market in the U.S. (followed closely by Portland, San Francisco, Seattle,) so it is no surprise that there are so many blogs in Austin worth taking a look at.

I have put together a list of the local blogs that I frequent along with a brief description below, and if you have a link that you think should be included in this list be sure to let me know. Most of these are obviously music-centric, and will add some quality padding to your bookmarks folder.

Always a handy resource, with show reviews, previews, music news & more.
One of the few local spots to get your hip-hop fix.
Extreme lovers of local music, offering reviews, interviews, and mp3's for your downloading pleasure.
Keeping tabs on good musical happenings in Austin, constantly updated.
Mostly Austin, mostly hip-hop, mostly events, digs photos.
Well-rounded blog with good album reviews & show information, bonus points for comedy.
Informative previews on local shows, interviews, music, art, film, politics & more
On a "mission to consistently provide thoughtful content with an emphasis on local Austin, as well as national music, sports, film and current events through thinly veiled cynicism and contempt."
A quality destination spot for sweet indie music complimented by thoughtful reviews and custom art.
Music blog operated by staff of The Daily Texan.
Good live show reviews, photos, and video production to boot.
That's me, an mp3 blog covering whatever I happen to be listening to at the moment.
Electronic music curated by a fine Irishman, covering all sorts of electro.
Music blog operated by staff of the Austin Chronicle.
Telling you what to do on the east side, including music, food, and events.
Covering good electronic music from all over, all the time.
Informed commentary on various subjects, including music.
Mostly indie, run by a live music aficionado.
Lovingly reporting on fun times had on behalf of music in Austin.
Mostly indie, from a fellow with a good taste in music.
A musical outlet run by a couple of guys who like to party, and do it often.
Good commentary on lots of music with updated information on local concerts.
Covering a good mix of music from all over the map.
Jam-packed with content on various artists, and plenty of goodies for the ipod.
Lots of music news, concert picks, original photography, and informed reviews.
Covering live music in Austin.
A video team that documents all kinds of bands in a live setting, and gives it to you to see.
All about telling you about things you should know about.
Keeping tabs on new music and good bands coming to town.
Concert recommendations, new music, video, and plenty of downloads.
Healthy live concert reviews & more.
...and here's a few minutes of local ambience from Ghost of the Russian Empire, a foursome who have been described as a "Radiohead-influenced alternative rock group with a pinch of My Morning Jacket and just a dash of psychedelia." Sounds to me like there's just a dash of Eels in there as well...


Thomas said...

Hey Covert Curiosos...just wanted to add my site The Corner to your radar:

Keep up the good work!

Mr. Curiosity said...

Thanks Thomas, I'll add you to the list.

RoboTrust said...

Just moved to Austin and this list is MIGHTY helpful. Thought you might be into this bmore remix I threw together today...

We also have an mp3 blog...

best. MG