Thursday, June 12, 2008

BBQ Mark Sultan

Having a bit too much fun one night getting loosened up for the Clinic show, I was terribly late in getting to the venue which meant I missed out on the opening act Mark "BBQ" Sultan. One of the Canadian-born garage rock veteran's first bands found a way to get blacklisted from the entire Montreal music scene on account of their wild live shows, which can't be an easy feat.

Sultan went on to perform and record as a solo artist under the name BBQ, before reuniting with an old bandmate to form the "two-man party-machine" known as the King Khan & BBQ Show. Still out there doing their thing, BBQ performs solo and Khan's 12-piece psychedelic soul band has an album coming out later this month. If you're into Jay Reatard, Black Lips, Demon's Claws, or any other form of blistering garage rock, (like me), check these guys out.

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