Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Bodies Of Water

Bodies of Water are a Los Angeles quartet comprised of two men and two women who put a gospel spin on Mamas & the Papas-style harmonies, resulting in intense American gospel-folk. I became a fan after hearing their debut album last year, but they have a new album being released this summer that knocks the first one right out of the park.

To call it anthemic would be an understatement, some of these songs sound like they were written for 100,000-person strong revival. Unlike their debut, the instrumentation on A Certain Feeling holds its own ground up against the "choral hugeness", which is tempered enough that you don't break out into a full body sweat before the album is over. It is their first effort for Secretly Canadian (Jens Lekman, Songs: Ohia) who report:
"The strains that one can hear running through all of Bodies of Water's music are fully exhibited here; instantly familiar melodies, rich harmonic color, expansively deft arrangements, and compositions that ebb, flow, and double back on themselves in cathartic synchronicity. Though no two songs sound entirely similar, it's a cohesive collection that comes out feeling like the anthemic prog/gospel/psychedelic/kraut-tribal movie score that Ennio Morricone and Phil Spector never got around to collaborating on."