Thursday, June 05, 2008

Emo's likes Hip-Hop too

If your hip-hop tank is on empty like mine is, make a few trips to Emo's next week to find the cure. On Monday night the "Fresh Rhymes and Videotape" tour comes to town with a roster that includes underground legends Dilated Peoples, one of hip hop's leading producers The Alchemist, RJD2 collaborator Aceyalone, and Kanye West's soulful protege 88-Keys. They kicked off the tour at Neumo's in Seattle earlier this week, apparently in fine style:
"Dilated Peoples’ infectious fusion of lyrical acrobatics and buoyant beats has always struck me as a dish best served piping hot to hyped audiences rather than cold on a CD to drowsy listeners. The trio’s intense repertoire—bullet-quick deliveries zipping and zapping over superhero-sized beats—always feels like a phantom limb on disc. The music, in other words, isn’t the entire point; it’s part of a larger whole that’s noticeably missing when pumped through your iPod."

"The pieces came together last night, with Dilated confirming my view (or were they reminding me of theirs?) shortly into their nearly two-hour long set. They dropped “Pay Attention,” from 2001’s Expansion Team, which includes the briefest of history lessons: “First came the live show, then came the record.”
You can see this tour for yourself on Monday night (6/9), which is a pretty good way to start the week. Get more info/tix here.

On Wednesday it gets even better when everyone's favorite rapper/producer/actor and Wu-Tang Clan CEO, the RZA, comes to town for his first Austin performance in....a long time. Ten years after he first conceived his alternate personality - Bobby Digital, he has returned to form with a brand new album on deck and a big summer tour to match.

Digi Snacks
will hit the shelves on June 24, featuring live instrumentation from the Wu-Tang Clan-affilated funk/soul group Stone Mecca, who will also join in as his live band on tour. On that note Bobby D says "When you've got a band, you've got fucking 10 to 20 outputs, therefore you've got more ambiance. More sound delivers control. If the band is hip-hop enough, and have enough hip-hop soul in them, it sounds good." As with any RZA appearance, you can expect to see a few special guests once the mics are turned on. This one is going down Wednesday night (6/11), and you can get more info/tix here.
If you want to check out either one of these shows, Dilated Peoples or RZA, just send an e-mail to with Emo's in the subject line and I'll add you to the list. Be sure include your full name and let me know which show you wanna see.

For grins here is one of my personal favorite RZA moments, from the film Coffee and Cigarettes:


Neil Cake said...

Hmm... I decided not to go to RZA's recent appearance in Manchester. You just made me wish I'd reconsidered.

Roy said...

These Coffee & Cigarettes deals are pretty funny...random.

Mr. Curiosity said...

Niel, you're welcome to come over to Austin and see it on Wednesday. I'll put you on the list and hook you up with a nice couch to sleep on. :)

Z said...

this was the only part of the movie that I like or can remember, but it's solid