Thursday, June 26, 2008

Kadane Brothers, Crystal Antlers

This is a belated heads-up, but the Kadane Brothers, who led the indie rock band Bedhead to quasi cult status in the 90's with a handful acclaimed albums, will be performing at Emo's tonight. In their heydey, before disbanding in 1998, the brothers worked with Steve Albini (Pixies, Nirvana, etc.) and were label mates with fellow Texas music bretheren The Butthole Surfers. Post-Bedhead, they formed The New Year.

Their sound was/is often compared to certain shades of the Velvet Underground, though they were labeled as "slowcore", which they apparently were never too enamored with. I don't think these guys ever received the recognition they deserved for the music they created throughout much of the 90's, though they did attract a loyal fanbase. If you missed out on Bedhead, you can catch up via the various links & info provided here, and by reading the album reviews at insound, like this one:
"It's not the style of music Bedhead makes that's unique, it's the band's approach to that music. The five members are masters of making an emotional connection through an approach that is careful and deliberate. At the heart of the band is an indie rock sound that can be traced back to the most pleasant material of the Velvet Underground. A trio of guitars lays down unexceptional, strummed accompaniments; vocalists employ a reserved sing-speak; the drummer maintains a lazy pulse. However, with Bedhead these elements are so perfectly executed that the music seems to play itself."
from WhatFunLifeWas:
The Kadane Brothers are at Emo's tonight with Crystal Antlers, who are also playing at Trailer Space Records (w/The Strange Boys) and on the Lamar Bridge at 2 a.m. More info on those shows is here. Crystal Antlers do intense, expansive lo-fi rock that some folks are gushing over. I'm still reserving judgement, though this track "A Thousand Eyes" from their self-released EP is treating me well.


Ryan said...

Hey man I don't know if you saw our show review, pictures and interview.
Show was okay, but Crystal Antlers was the highlight of the evening