Monday, June 30, 2008

More from No Age

This video for "Eraser" by No Age was debuted on MTV last night, so one might assume that they're getting back into the whole "music" thing. But judging by the comments left by some of their viewers, I think they'd much rather just watch more reruns of Jackass.

Hey, whatever floats your boat. I think this video is pretty cool, and I dig No Age, and I'll be rocking out at their show tomorrow night at Emo's. As I told you before, this is an exciting live band to watch even if their recorded output doesn't strike you, because they break out into some intense moments that will quickly grab your attention. The Austin Chronicle agrees.
They'll be hitting the inside stage along with Abe Vigoda, Infinite Body, and The Strange Boys, who just released a new 7'' via In The Red with the ol' Big Joe Williams cover "Baby Please Don't Go" as the b-side. In The Red will also be releasing The Strange Boys' Jay Reatard-produced debut album soon.While we're on that note, Jay Reatard released another single last week that promptly sold out, but he's also got a collection of limited edition 7" vinyl releases (post Blood Visions - pre Matador), which are all remastered and come with a DVD containing live footage. In The Red says it's the most "fancy pants package" they've ever been responsible for, so it must be worth it. Here's the b-side to the new single.