Tuesday, July 01, 2008

VIP for a Month

If you're a frequent attendee of live music in Austin, I bet you'd be interested in scoring two free passes to every single show at some of Austin's top music venues for a full month. That's what you'll get if you win this new contest that Do512 is currently running.

One winner will receive a pass allowing them free entry for the entire month of August to each and every show that they desire at Emo's, Antone's, The Parish, Flamingo Cantina, Beerland, Beauty Bar & Threadgill's, and they will have a +1 so that any live-music-obsessed friends can tag along.

Just about anyone who uses the internet can participate, and the only requirement is that you create a personalized event calendar and embed it wherever you hang out online. If you're interested in free tickets for a month of music, check out the link.