Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Air Guitar Championships

Friday. Stubb's. US Air Guitar Championships. You know you want to see this.

If I were in the competition I would probably choose a Whitesnake song, or maybe even some Darkness. I saw the Darkness once upon a time back when they were still rocking, at Stubb's as a matter of fact, and that show was an incredibly good time. Mid-show Justin Hawkins (singer/guitarist) moved through the entire crowd on some bouncer's shoulders, wireless guitar in hand, shredding the whole time.

When he got back to the stage he asked if there were any young kids in the audience, and one girl at the front of the stage yelled out that she was 12 years old. "Are your parents here?" he asks. The young girl points to her mother, who was standing beside her. He asks the mom, "Is it okay if we curse?" The mother laughingly obliges, and a few seconds later the band rips into the most kickass version of "Get Your Hands Off My Woman" that you've ever heard. It was a hilariously memorable moment in rock and roll.
Anyway, enough about the Darkness. I swear that was an unplanned tangent. Go check out the Air Guitar Championships, it looks like an entertaining way to spend some time drinking on a Friday night. Their website is jam-packed with information, so head over to usairguitar.com for more.