Monday, July 14, 2008

The New Mastersounds

Until someone builds a time machine and we can all sail back to a time when getting from Woodstock to San Fransisco in a Volkswagen van with your best friends was the only thing that mattered, we can only relive it through the tunes. So I encourage all of you who may be looking for an escape from the heat this summer to hop into your air-conditioned vehicle, get in tune with your funky 70's side, and put on The New Mastersounds' latest album Plug & Play.

True to their genre label of "New Funk," The New Mastersounds combine the acid-tripping guitar riffs of The Jimi Hendrix Experience with classic funk bass-popping and throw in a good dose of Fender Rhodes jamming for good measure. The only real "new"ness about the NMS is that their eight albums have all been produced in the past nine years. Plug & Play, released just last month, sounds as though it could have been recorded forty years earlier, right down to funkstress Dionne Charles' vocals which could rival the passion and power of Aretha's in her heyday. Plug & Play carries on its cover a gust of funky fresh air to the hallowed (hah!) halls the modern day music industry.

The New Mastersounds are a true sign that the return to 70's style good times, free love, and groovin' jams is here to stay. An even better sign is their growing popularity here and across the pond. They are scheduled to play in several festivals through next year all over their native UK, Europe, and the US. They have no official dates in Austin yet, but if the spirit of '69 strikes you, gather your closest friends into your gas guzzler and head out for a memorable roadtrip to one of their upcoming tourdates in Kentucky or Colorado.