Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Death Set at Mohawk in Austin

I rounded up the troops last weekend to down some drinks and join in the fun of a Death Set show at Mohawk, and it's safe to say that a memorable time was had by all. This was the third show I've seen these Sydney-Brooklyn-Baltimore dudes do in Austin this year, and as you can see by the pictures they received a proper welcome by a super-rowdy audience.

Front-to-back it's the best set I've seen them put together so far, even though everything started to unravel towards the end due to the high level of rowdiness. But that's par for the course at a proper Death Set gig, elbows to the face and all. I picked up a sweet Crystal Antlers shirt while I was there, plus the last Retarded Kitten (side project) 7'' they had, so perhaps I'll rip those tracks from vinyl when I get home and put them up in this post. The Death Set are currently in the middle of a massive tour, so check the dates and show 'em some hospitality if they come near.

These photos are courtesy of the wonderfully talented
Valerie Fremin, who shoots for Sonic Itch Music. Check their review.