Tuesday, July 15, 2008

DJ Melee Finale @ Mohawk

DJ Melee /dee jay maylay/ n. 1. A touring DJ competition showcasing the vinyl scene and urban nightlife in major U.S. cities. 2. A gritty, documentary style reality show. 3. One hell of a party.

The DJ Melee is an original Austin-based production where some of the best DJ's in town square off in a winner-take-all battle for rhythmic supremacy. To showcase the best of Austin's DJ subculture and vinyl scene, each DJ visits a local record store to pick out the best 30 pieces of vinyl they can find in the span of five minutes, and all of their selections go into a locked box until show time. When it is their time to spin, each contestant creates their best 30-minute set and local judges vote on the DJ's mixing skills and music knowledge.

This is one of the largest DJ promotions to come out of Austin, including 8 record stores, 9 DJs, and 3 clubs. Three rounds have been completed already, and the winners will go up against each other this Friday at Mohawk for the top prize. Check it some the footage at djmelee.com to see what it's all about.