Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Grupo Fantasma: Sonidos Gold

Grupo Fantasma's new record Sonidos Gold is sure to keep their die-hard fans pleased, while simultaneously appealing to a broader listener base with their mixture of funk, swinging brass, and rock guitar solos layered with island beats. Though certain moments on the new album might sound traditional to some, there are quite a few tracks that allow Grupo to flex their muscles and flaunt their own unique style.

Collaborating with musicians like famed saxophonist Maceo Parker, trombone player Greg Boyer (Prince, Parliament Funkadelic), and Fania All-Stars pianist/arranger Larry Harlow all worked in Grupo's favor on this album. Never ones to disappoint (see Movimiento Popular), the 11-piece "Latin funk orchestra" have created a diverse and comprehensive album that displays their immense talent through the exploration of different genres and styles.

Co-Founder and guitarist Adrian Quesada describes the album's sound as "organic, live, while sonically it's big and roomy with psychedelic and cinematic undertones." Accordingly, the excitement in listening to Sonidos Gold comes from the live-show energy the band brings to their variety of Latin influences. Grupo Fantasma has an abundance pf energy to go around, usually playing 150+ shows a year. They have performances lined up throughout July and August, including stops at the Cambridge and Riverside Festivals in the UK. Take a look at their schedule at grupofantasma.com/tour, and check out some of Sonidos Gold at myspace.