Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Hallucinogen..In Dub

Here are some goods that I meant to add to the blog a long time ago, but quite simply forgot about until it came up on shuffle today. Nice work, itunes. Hallucinogen, In Dub. Hallucinogen is Simon Posford, a UK-based electronic musician and founder of Twisted Records. The "In Dub" connection comes from a fellow known as Ott, who supplies the ambient reggae-infused production to this sampling of Hallucinogen tracks.

The collaboration resulted in Hallucinogen In Dub, a 6-song, 60-minute journey through a trippy landscape of echos, reverbs, and bass-filled grooves that all synch together in perfect harmony. It can be found at the crossroads where psych, trance, and dub intersect. I've really never heard anything else quite like it. Even though most of the productions surpass the nine minute mark, they sound like they could comfortably, easily play on into perpetuity. Check out two of them below, and add the album to your collection via emusic, amazon, twisted, or wherever else you can find it.