Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Hieroglyphics, coming

Hiero, y'all. They're coming back to town. Who? Hieroglyphics. From Oaktown to Austin, with love. I know they're coming back, because every time I'm at Emo's I notice their well-placed sticker (like above) on the door leading to the stage. The Hieroglyphics crew, birthed by Del The Funky, are celebrating their 10th Anniversary as an independent label and hip-hop collective with the Freshly Dipped Tour, a 45-date, three month-long trek through North America.

Bringing along both classic and new West Coast hip-hop artists, the players include Domino, Pep Love, Tajai, A Plus, Phesto, Opio, Musab, Casual, Knobody, Prince Ali, Blue Scholars, Tanya Morgan, and more. If you're unfamiliar with any or all of those names, roll one and stop by Emo's next Saturday to get familiar and get your boogie on. For some queer reason Del won't be there, or so I hear, but there will be plenty to see. Get a bit more Freshly Dipped info here.