Sunday, July 20, 2008

High Places

High Places is a couple of kids from Brooklyn making minimal, folky, electro-pop. The music sounds like it was made down in a cave, only the people who are down in said cave are okay with the situation. In fact, they're having a good time. Kind of like imagining a couple of Fraggle Rock creatures had gotten together around a kitchen sink deep underground and started a band.

High Places' music can be as catchy as the Fraggles were awesome, primitive or not. The duo's debut full-length is due out on September 23rd via Thrill Jockey, and they're currently making road trips with Deerhunter and No Age in the meantime. High Places will bring their keyboards, drumsticks, and microphones to Emo's on October 15th.
Press bits:
"Head Spins" bounces along on aquatic steel drums, good vibes and a melody built from samples drained almost completely of their source material. "Jump In" doesn't have a lot of the murkiness that colors much of High Places output thus far. Instead, it nakedly showcases the bells, whistles, woodblocks and doodad's that the group buries underneath. It's a revelatory moment here — Pearson and Barber aren't just noiseniks having fun, they're first-rate pop songwriters." -emusic

"Multi-instrumentalist Rob Barber creates soundscapes that are both eerie and soothing, while Mary Pearson sweetly delivers bizarre lyrics about banana slugs and hermaphroditic flings. Anchored by tropical rhythms and ambient drones, the band has created a surreal sound that will hopefully develop into something truly unique." -WSN