Monday, July 28, 2008

Life and Times @ Emo's

Somebody who had visited Kansas City once told me, "You know, there are not that many bands there (in K.C.), but the ones they do have are quality." Being from Kansas City, I never really considered the quality of shows. At the very most, there will be two shows a week I want to go to, and when I go, I always leave pretty satisfied.

But in Austin, you pretty much have to hide in your room to avoid seeing live music. It's glorious! ....but at times the musicians can be...self indulgent...and down right bad. So I want to pass on a secret about tonight's show; The Life and Times are good. They've played hundreds of shows with artists like Pelican, Murder by Death, Sparta, and Pinback.

The Life and Times play a musical scape of low drone, fuzz and distortion, which can be arresting and haunting. There are also moments where their sound teeters between Slowdive and Pink Floyd. If you still need convincing they were listed in AP's 100 bands you need to know in 2007. So, get to it and find out. Hear Life and Times at myspace, and see them tonight at Emo's.