Friday, July 11, 2008

King Khan & Jacuzzi Boys at Mohawk

Sunday at the Mohawk, and the church crowd begins to trickle in.

The Jacuzzi Boys warmed up the stage for King Khan and the Shrines. I liked their sound...the familiar unswept basement sound of a lo-fi garage rock band. But after a few songs, I found myself wishing their songs were as diverse as their sweet hairstyles. Unfortunatly, I did not capture the drummer's slanted fro, which was extremely rad.

King Kahn stepped onto the stage with a go-go dancer in one arm, and a twisted cane (that he must have gotten from middle earth) in the other. Furthermore, he was wearing a retro white disco suit, which heightened his figure and his ridiculousness.

As they began playing it was nearly impossible not to tap something, and laugh. Their sound has a catchy funk backdrop, and is impossibly cool with Khan howling, often humorous, lyrics overtop. At one point he announced with the authority of an evangelical preacher that he was going to play a gospel song, and asked everyone to raise their hands. Most people obliged willingly and he began what sounded more like an erotic story...then gospel. But then again, this was his church, and I was in it.

King Khan was formally the member of a canadian garage rock group called the Spaceshits (haha). In 1999, he decided to leave the group, move to Berlin, and pursue a new project called King Khan and the Shrines. He also collaborated with another member who left the Spaceshits, under the title King Khan and the BBQ Show.

Thinking back on the performance, it's as if King Khan and the Shrines all jumped out of a clown car headed for a retro club, ended up at the wrong place, and played their asses off anyway. Lucky us.