Sunday, July 13, 2008

Monday at Emo's...Summer Renaissance

Summer can be vicious. The past few weeks I've had wild fantasies about fall weather...a time when I want to reunite with my hoody, and my hair feels good on my neck again. I was beginning to think that summer had completely turned against me. However, when I came across Emo's monday night show with Calamity Magnet, Built by Snow, Hollywood Gossip, and Household Names, it sparked memories of the summer I used to love. When summer was the golden age of freedom from the oppressors, epic super soaker battles, and perfecting the art of doing nothing. Not to say that the music sounds juvenile, just that each band manages to create their own breed of unadulterated fun, the way I remember summers of my youth.

Calamity Magnet comes to us from Los Angeles led by Texas born musician Sara Radle (ex-The Rentals). They describe their songs as striving to combine "the world of indie-pop with girl group harmonies of the sixties."

Built by Snow (above), from Austin, sounds like the Cars, the Strokes, Weezer (blue album and pinkerton), and the Pixies were put in a blender together...and obviously creating a delicious indie rock shake.

Hollywood Gossip (above) is an indie pop group from Austin (do you know who your neighbor is?). Think Beulah with an upbeat rock edge. Also delicious.

Household Names, also from Austin (mmm so much to be proud of), says that they are "Wings meets Death Cab meets R.E.M for drinks." Or are they joking...but anyway, they stress that the main thing is that they really just love to have a good time. Which is how summer should be.
  • For more info on the show, check out the link.