Monday, July 21, 2008

Papa Grows Funk

There is no mistake in saying that Papa Grows Funk are some of the funkiest of the funk jam-bands when it comes to New Orleans musicians, or any musicians for that matter. Their talent has gotten them gigs playing for the legendary Meters, as well as tour dates in Japan and all over Europe.

Papa Grows Funk's exorbitant talent cannot be harnessed in the recording studio, but rather emanates best during impromptu on-stage collaborations. Their local fans return to the Maple Leaf each Monday night, as if it were Sunday church, because they know they'll be seeing something fresh and even more funky each time. In true New Orleans style, PGF also makes a habit of inviting the local musicians (Steve Winwood, Joe Sample, and Art Neville just to name a few) to their shows onstage for impromptu jam sessions, keeping their sound in a constant state of change and progress.

John "Papa" Gros, a jolly giant of a man, is arguably one of the most dedicated musicians in the biz, hauling his mammoth Hammond B3 organ to and from every show. June Yamagishi, who has been called the father/founder of blues and funk music in Japan, rips some ridiculous guitar riffs. The first time I ever met him, he was surrounded by a Japanese film crew following him around to document his success in the US in a sort of "where they are now" documentary, and you can watch clips of it here. The rest of the band are all professionals as well.

Papa Grows Funk will be putting on a show in Austin next Thursday at the Parish, if you want to get a taste of some true New Orleans flavor. Get more info on the show right here.


uselessgoo said...

I will be at this show. It will be most excellent. Bring yer boogie shoes!