Thursday, July 17, 2008

Portugal. The Man

Have you ever personally witnessed some good old-fashioned Alaskan rock 'n roll? If not, I think it is just about time for you to do exactly that. Portugal. The Man are Alaska's finest experimental-indie-blues-rock export, and they will be kicking out the jams tomorrow night at Emo's. Here is what a few people had to say about their 2007 album, Church Mouth:
  • "You might be forgiven for listening to Church Mouth and confusing them with a group like Kings of Leon." -Stylus
  • "Once their formidable sophomore effort, Church Mouth, strikes, it's guaranteed to take every respective listener's breath away, just like the sprawling, glacier-dotted landscapes of the band's native Alaska." -Anti
  • "Church Mouth is an organic rock record that transcends genres by managing to reference seemingly disparate acts such as the Beatles, Led Zeppelin, the White Stripes, the Mars Volta and Santana without sounding dated or derivative of any particular act." -Fearless
  • "The debut album by Alaska-born quirksters Portugal. The Man, expanded the parameters of punk to encompass hip-hop and prog, but the band's second album Church Mouth is practically all epic blues-rock, in the vein of The White Stripes and The Allman Brothers." -A.V. Club
You don't have to take their word for it, go check them out the live. You can get more details on the Austin show here, and the rest of the tour schedule is here. Look out for Portugal. The Man's new album, Censored Colors, coming this September. The photo above was taken by Sound on the Sound at the 2008 Do512 SXSW party.
PTM will be sharing the stage with the RX Bandits and Facing New York, whose info goes like this:

After a quick spin of RX Bandits (above) it's not hard to guess where they are from; their ska punk edge is undoubtedly evolved from the L.A. punk scene that has been brewing for decades. Yet, while their roots are easy to detect, it's much harder to guess where they are going. They've taken risks in sounds and lyrics that make them hard to categorize. With jazzy astringent guitar riffs and emphatic lyrics, they slip in perfectly at warped tour, and with inventive trombone ensembles they slot in nicely at Bonaroo. You have to watch them closely to catch where they are headed next; as they like to say "Our music breathes when it hits YOUR ears."

Facing New York comes from the same vein of music as RX Bandits. California natives, but as their name suggests, arms and intentions stretched further then their own surroundings. The band released their self-titled debut in 2005, right before their keyboardist decided to return to school. Dividing keyboard duties and touring relentlessly, the band forges on as a quartet.