Monday, July 14, 2008


Upon first listen Schlammpeitziger it almost sounded as if he could be the German alternative to Dan Deacon. The Cologne-based musician creates funky grooves with little more than a keyboard, but overall he keeps everything a bit more minimal and downtempo than our friend Deacon.

His music is constructed almost entirely using the factory presets of his trusty Casio CZ-230S, adding in a little drum machine for flavor. The opening track (Bassbesties Blaesse) on his new album (Schwingstelle Für Rauschabzug) really puts a smile on my face. Zimmermann's simple, retro-tinged music has apparently been a fixture on Cologne's electronic scene since the early '90s.
Via Brainwashed: "With this album, Jo Zimmermann pulses his listeners (and surely himself) into hypnosis. This new quality transforms Schlammpeitziger's music in a remarkable way: it remains friendly and weird, but gains in seriousness and depth. This kind of club-suitable pop music (or radio friendly club music?) possesses hidden qualities which readily disclose themselves on a second or third listening."


Danielle said...

i like it!