Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Scott McLennon

My mom has always said, “If you’re going to rip off another band, rip off someone good,” and this is just what Dr. Dog has done on their most recent album, "Fate." As many of their indie-pop compañeros have in the past, they didn’t waste time ripping off U2 (sorry Coldplay, wait, no I’m not), they went straight to the top—The Beatles. Granted, they do tend to be sparser than the Beatles, leaving more space, adding a bit more drama, and we can’t forget Scott McMicken’s Clap Your Hands Say Yeah-esque nasally vocals.

Despite this, there are some tracks that could be easily mistaken for unreleased Beatles tracks such as “100 Years”, “The Beach”, and “The Breeze”, and the use of the string quartet in “Uncovering the Old” is almost shameless. I say almost because the album is really quite good. If the album wasn’t good, I would be pretty angry, but they rip off the Beatles so well that to me, their music is just as enjoyable.

Dr. Dog will be coming to Austin on September 13, performing at The Parish with another favorite of ours, Delta Spirit.