Sunday, July 20, 2008

This is Serious

Big Ass Manatees come from West Virginia. They remixed some old 90's hits and put 'em up on their homepage, which I stumbled upon a few days ago. Most of the tracks are fairly uninspiring (sorry marine mammals), but I did save this Busta Rhymes mix for future party usage. Something you probably didn't know about the original song, released in 1997:
"The chorus of the song (This is serious/We could make you delirious/You should have a healthy fear of us/'Cause too much of us is dangerous) was taken, apparently unwittingly, from a 1983 Long Island Regional Poison Control Council PSA warning children of the danger of loose prescription medications."


sgibat said...

you should see us live. we're much better then.. seven people, lots of stuff going on, lots of energy and people dancing.. the mp3s we have up now are basically demos, made before the main guy got a band together for it. we're going to record the full band soon. live show:

all I'm sayin' is, don't rule us out yet.