Monday, July 14, 2008

This Will Destroy You

As if their name itself doesn’t already suggest something epic and amazing, going to a This Will Destroy You show will definitely leave you convinced. These guys have roots in two of the, arguably, greatest things in the world: post-rock music and Texas. Post-rock bands are awesome, and Texas is awesome, which means that post-rock bands from Texas are just ridiculously awesome.

This Will Destroy You have proven to be one of my favorite solutions to an array of crappy things: the stress that comes with having a bad day, being stuck in traffic for an unnecessarily long period of time, and that feeling of emptiness you sometimes get when you lie awake in bed at 3 in the morning, wondering what you’re going to do with yourself as you look into the ceiling for answers. I don’t listen to This Will Destroy You songs, I experience them.

Guitarist Jeremy Galindo appropriately describes their music as “ambient thrash” and I honestly couldn’t find a better way to describe it. They completely redefine what it means to create ambient music, shoving the preconceptions of those mellow, quiet songs that are so boring that you never even noticed they ended (because, honestly, you didn’t even notice when they started playing either) out the door and writing some of the most powerful, emotionally-driven, and uplifting songs I have in my library.

Their live shows are intense. I know “intense” is usually a word reserved for detailing deathly circle pits at a metalcore show, but in this case, “intense” means epic 8-minute long instrumental tracks that use ambience to build and build and build and build, allowing for a climactic explosion of sounds and emotions. Just close your eyes and let the music hit you.

Before embarking on a massive European tour, This Will Destroy You are playing a show in Austin on August 5th at the Hideout Theater. I’m having trouble containing the excitement. Here are two songs, one from each of their releases thus far.