Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Torche: Meanderthal

It is always a delight to discover an awesome new band when you least expect it. Such was the case at The Mohawk show with Boris, Torche and Clouds. I went to see Boris (and they were great having never seen them before) but it was Torche that had the most honest and brutal set of the night. They were just so precise, so rocking and the drummer had the biggest crash cymbal of all time. They knew what they were bringing and it was solid.

This four-year-old Miami, FL, quartet owned the stage: thrashing guitars around, assuming the rock stance during all solos and providing the crowd with endless head bobs. Call it stoner-pop, call it new-wave-grunge, call it anything but call it rock. Their new CD, Meanderthal, is my current vote for album of the year. Crossing the lines between Helmet, Injected, High On Fire, Jimmy Eat World, Kyuss and Norma Jean, this CD is a great summer listen. It is filled with grooving tracks like "Across the Shields," "Without a Sound," and "Fat Waves" as well as face melters like the opener "Triumph of Venus" and the 35 second "Little Champion."

Very solid musicianship and a wide spectrum of rock make the CD one that you will want to show your friends. The packaging on the disc is a huge glossy foldout of a giant mountain with weird creatures descending from the top - easily cool enough to hang on your wall. Torche is the summer groove for your dome. Be sure to catch them out on tour with Boris in the U.S. and with Pelican in Europe next month.