Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Wednesday at Emo's

This Wednesday the Emo's Lounge hosts an assembly of four local indie pop bands who go by the names of Gulf of Mexico, The Little Gentleman, The Drawing Board, and The Nasty Clan, respectively.

With a name like The Little Gentlemen (above) I wasn't quite sure what to expect, but it was not the hilarious lyrics that whispered in my headphones "I'm going to ride you like a roller coaster in the back of my pimped out hutch, and I'll never have sex with your sister, unless I pay her first...'cause i'm the best guy ever...that you'll ever know...yeah." I want to hear more!

The Drawing Board (above) is relaxing and easy to listen to, but that doesn't mean their music is easy. Their songs are a beautiful coordination of drums, bass, guitar, vocals, and piano. Somehow they found a way to make melodies, which sound like a west coast breeze, work with lyrics that sound like were written in a dilapidated urban apartment.

The Nasty Clan (above) have just one track on their myspace, but it fondly tells of their Spoon influence. Hopefully this show will be the revelation of good secrets.

I was skeptical about how a band could get away with the name Gulf of Mexico (above). It's such a concrete thing...with historical entanglement and vivid imagery attached to it! But Gulf of Mexico truly offers up an interesting sound that manages to respect their name. Look forward to sounds of indie rock mixed with the tropical spanish pop.
  • More info on this show (+ free tickets) is at the link