Friday, July 25, 2008

Women signs to Jagjaguwar

While checking the news today, I hear that one of my favorite record labels signed a new band that I just so happen to also be enjoying. That label is Jagjaguwar, and the band is Women. Their self-titled debut, which I told you about earlier this month, will be released throughout the world on October 7th. The band will tour the U.S., Canada and Europe in support of the album throughout 2008, and tour dates will be announced soon. Pitchfork might have put it best when they said
"Calgary's Women, like Columbus' Times New Viking, give tape hiss a place of honor more often reserved for instruments, or at least computers. The ensuing noisy jangle straddles the 1960s' divide between the Warhol crowd's speed-addled New York cynicism and the echoes of psychedelic San Francisco that bubbled up across the pond in the fey, catchy pop of UK groups like the Zombies."
Jagjaguwar, as always, has more good things coming to your headphones soon. The new Okkervil River album "The Stand Ins" will arrive in early September, and Oneida's "Preteen Weaponry" will be available in just a few weeks. I'm crossing my fingers for news on Besnard Lakes and Pink Mountaintops...