Tuesday, July 08, 2008


All Women are Canadians, but not all Canadians are women. If all Canadians were women, I would be establishing residency north of the border as soon as possible. The Women I'm currently referencing are a Calgary-based band, and two of the Women are brothers, making things slightly more confusing.

They have just released the self-titled debut album they worked on for four months with fellow Canadian artist and label-mate Chad VanGaalen, who made use of some interesting recording techniques. Namely ghettoblasters, old tape machines, a basement, and a crawlspace. The result is a lo-fi creation of something you might call psychedelic-bedroom-surfer-pop.

It's an interesting little record, clocking in at only 29 minutes long, and noisily touching on everything from the Zombies, to the Velvet Underground, to the Beach Boys. It's been dug by the Gramophone Pitchfork, mp3hugger, GvB, Paper Thin, & more. The label brass says:
"Noisy and claustrophobic songs smash through junkyard trash brawls while others lift and soar across the landscape of 50’s-informed pop; a contradiction and an enigma, the debut album by Women will find its way onto summer bike ride mixes and the turntables of record store devotees."


Anonymous said...

These Canucks have really got something. This album sounds to me like a debut people will look back on and see where the mind-blowing-ness that would come later showed up in recognizable traces. Plus "Black Rice" is just an all-out foot-stomping indie/mid-fi anthem for 2008.

Mr. Curiosity said...

I concur!