Friday, August 08, 2008


On October 7, Annuals will release their sophomore album, “Such Fun”, on Canvasback Music, and shortly after will depart on a nationwide tour with Minus the Bear. When I first found out about this, all I cared about was the latter portion, you know, the Minus the Bear part, but after a quick trip to the Annuals myspace page, I was equally excited about this somewhat lesser known, but equally enjoyable band. The best way I can describe their sound is Beirut meets “Something About Airplanes” era Death Cab For Cutie; very energetic yet eclectically pensive, with great lyrics.

For the tour, they will be playing the wonderful Fun Fun Fun Fest at Waterloo park on November 9th, and if you aren’t into the whole music festival thing, you can catch them in Houston at the Houes of Blues on November 8. When I hear more on the new Annuals album, "Such Fun", I'll be sure to provide an update.

Likewise, you can expect us to give you more info on the Fun Fest as it continues to be announced. If it is anything like last year, you need to be prepared for a thrill.

Here are some sounds from the 2006 Annuals album, "Be He Me":


flock-of-ronnie said...

I'm always in an annuals mood, and they never let me down.