Saturday, August 09, 2008

Fujiya & Miyagi Multiply

Our old pals Fujiya & Miyagi have a new album, "Lightbulbs," coming to a disco near you in early September via Full Time Hobby. Another interesting development is the announcement that the minimalistic Krautrock-esque outfit have blossomed into a four-piece. That officially makes it Steve Lewis (Fujiya) on synths/beats/programming/backing vocals, David Best (Miyagi) on vocals/guitar, Matt Hainsby (Ampersand) on bass guitar/backing vocals, and Lee Adams on drums. The band plans to head to the States around the album's release, and they have visited Austin a time or two in the past, so perhaps they'll come back around.

Here are a couple of tracks to further expose my Fujiya fanboy-ism. The first is a collaboration with the stripped down Minimoog synth of longtime British DJ Bomb The Bass, and the second is the 7'' version of the Transparent Things track "Conductor 71." At bottom, the very cool, dice-y video for "Ankle Injuries."


Nerdhappy said...

This sounds nice, kinda like if pinback and death cab had a baby.