Monday, August 11, 2008

Jaguar Love: Take Me to the Sea

Jaguar a hard thing to describe.

It's constantly changing.

This wild concoction is made possible by vocalist/pianist Johnny Whitney and guitarist/bassist Cody Votolato from the Blood Brothers, and keyboardist/bassist/drummer Jay Clark from Pretty Girls Make Graves. Drawing from their preivous projects, the group has fallen together somewhat seemlessly. After recording a few songs in 2007 the group signed to Matador Records in January of 2008.

Jaguar Love's debut full-length release, Take Me to the Sea, is full of unexplainably hypnotizing tracks. I found myself listening to the first track over and over...trying to figure what it was that I liked about it. But after about 20 times of "Highways of Gold" I realized that the thing I like is almost impossble to define. The song is charged with catchy guitar sequences and high pitched singing that drifts in and out of different genres. Their songs borrow from rock, pop, folk, punk, and each succeeding song is surprising in one way or another.

With Take Me to the Sea Jaguar Love have put together an interesting collection of songs, even if they are unified by highly androgenous vocals. While some people may find the high pitched singing hard to take for an entire album, I think it keeps the CD consistent, and wildy playful. Check them out in Austin tonight at La Zona Rosa.


Ajay said...

Whoa. I'm having the same experience. Call it Highways of Gold syndrome. I too listen to this song on endless repeat, to the point that I've memorized all the lyrics word-for-word. And I still don't know why I love this song so. And I don't want to know!