Monday, August 11, 2008

Microcastle = Macrobadass

I am so diggin on the new Deerhunter album (officially released in October via Kranky); it’s definitely one of my favorite 2008 releases thus far. Microcastle is more piano and synth based than past Deerhunter works (Turn It Up Faggot/Deerhunter, and Cryptograms), but it also manages to maintain a semi-poppy, upbeat vibe. Unlike many ambient or experimental bands, Deerhunter doesn’t get lost in self-indulgent, unmelodic effect wandering.

Their sound is accessible but only to the point that it is aesthetically pleasing, it takes a few more listenings to understand what is really going on. “Nothing Ever Happened”, the longest track on Microcastle, is an exceptionally good example of this. It has an instrumental hook, a lyrical hook and is even danceable, but there is also densely textural element to the song that sets it apart.
If you have dual citizenship (or a friend in Europe), you can get Microcastle right now, digitally, via 4AD/iTunes/eMusic/7digital etc. "Nothing Ever Happened" will be the first single to be taken off the album, and will be issued on limited edition 7” vinyl and backed with "Little Kids (Demo)". Both are at

Bradford Cox (vocalist, electronics and tapes engineer, drummer, acoustic slide guitar player, bell set master, accordionist, electric guitarist, piano player, and gong wunderkind of Deerhuner), runs a pretty darn sweet blog that I stumbled upon while looking for tour dates. There are downloadable mixes, albums, demos, Deerhunter news, and some great commentary which Deerhunter and non-Deerhunter fans alike will enjoy. Here's one from the blog:
Deerhunter is currently playing a few shows with Nine Inch Nails. According to Pollstar they will be back in Austin this December at Emo's, and will also make stops in Dallas and Houston.


Freida Bee said...

This is like Sterolab if they were boys who did not sing in French. Very nice.